Upcoming Meetings

Here is our meeting schedule for the rest of 2015. We meet the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the Falafel Software training center in Hudson, Ohio. The address is 1780 Stoney Hill Drive and the building is on the corner of State Route 91 (Darrow Road) and Stoney Hill Drive, about a mile south of 303. We're in Suites A/B - there's usually a sign on the door. The meetings start at 6pm and go until some time between 8 and 9 pm, typically. The usual format is to start with any lightning talks or short code walkthroughs anybody has, followed or replaced by open spaces style discussion. After pizza, we usually do some kind of hands-on practice exercises or kata.

Feel free to bring snacks/drinks/BYOB. We have a few home brew aficionados who occasionally bring something to share. We order pizza based on how many people have signed up via EventBrite for the meeting. The eventbrite URL is fairly predictable - just update the month digit each month. The expected RSVP links are listed below, but note that we don't usually set up EventBrite until a week or two before the meeting, so if it 404s just try again closer to the event (or let us know via twitter). You'll also find the latest RSVP link on our twitter feed - @HudsonSC.

18 Feb 2015 - RSVP

18 Mar 2015 - RSVP

15 Apr 2015 - RSVP

20 May 2015 - RSVP

17 Jun 2015 - RSVP

15 Jul 2015 - RSVP

19 Aug 2015 - RSVP

16 Sep 2015 - RSVP

21 Oct 2015 - RSVP

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16 Dec 2015 - RSVP

Hope to see you at the next meeting!